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Andy Wagner works for a major aerospace company. Andy blogged here from 2007 to 2010.

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America’s Oldest Bike Company Could Use Lean Manufacturing to Remain the Oldest?

America’s Oldest Bike Company Could Use Lean Manufacturing to Remain the Oldest?

Mark’s Note: Today’s post is by Andy Wagner, who contributed regularly to this blog from 2007 to 2010. This CNN video caught his eye and he couldn’t help blogging about it. Recently, CNN ran a short piece on Worksman Cycles of New York City highlighting them as the last major bicycle manufacturer left in the […]

Guest Post: What It Means

Mark’s Note: Here’s part 4 of a series by our guest blogger, Andy Wagner. Start reading with Part 1 here. “What lies behind us and what lies in front of us pales in comparison to what lies within us.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson Jamie Flinchbaugh recently hosted an interesting discussion on who is responsible for […]

Guest Post: Lean Starts at Home

Guest Post: Lean Starts at Home

Mark’s Note: Here’s part 3 of a series by our guest blogger, Andy Wagner – a series that started here. Many of us work in an environment that our host, Mark Graban, would characterize as “non-Deming”: LAME more often than lean.  After several months of long hours and work stress affecting home life, I made […]

Guest Post: Not Putting Out Fires

Mark’s note: One more guest post, Andy Wagner following up his recent guest post, “Being the Change.” Each morning at work the day starts with a production meeting.   That is where I get my list of fires to put out for the day.   When the staff gets up to leave the meeting, it […]

Guest Post: Being the Change

Guest Post: Being the Change

Mark’s note: Today, I’m happy to welcome back an old Lean Blog contributor, Andy Wagner. He takes a more personal turn here than most of my guest bloggers for the next two weeks, writing about the application of Lean thinking to his personal life in a very meaningful way. His post (the first in what […]

Ford’s Resurgence Due to Less Blame-y Culture?

Mark’s note: It’s great to welcome Andy Wagner back to the blog. Read his older posts here. General Motors, Chrysler, and Toyota have been dominating the headlines in recent months with their financial and, now, quality troubles, while some surprising things have been happening to the Detroit Three’s perpetual number two player: Ford.  The company […]

Shop Class as Soulcraft

Shop Class as Soulcraft

By Andy Wagner: The New York Times recently published an essay by Matthew Crawford, based on his new book “Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work“. In his inquiry into the value of work, Crawford takes on Taylorism’s separation of thinking from doing in a way that only a philosophy PhD […]

Saving the Most L.A.M.E Day Ever

By Andy Wagner: This summer, I am supervising three interns. The first week one of them asked what “lean six sigma” was about. She had heard about it, and that our company was into it, but didn’t really know much about it. Would she get a chance to learn about it this summer? What an […]

Where Would I Be Without Lean?

By Andy Wagner: I’ve been in industry for a little over ten years now, reading and thinking about lean for at least seven. Thanks to Mark, I’ve been writing about lean for about two years. I’ve read about first-time-yield, customer value, eliminating waste, and respect for people and it’s trulyaffected, or perhaps infected, the way […]

Lean or LAME at Boeing?

Lean or LAME at Boeing?

By Andrew Wagner: My wife, the resident space geek, turned me in the direction of this Boeing Press Release on their new lean “pulse line” for building GPS satellites, and presumably other satellites. Most of the post is your standard lean accomplishments: “…reducing the travel distance of a space vehicle from 12,000 feet to 10,000 […]

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The "LAME" Cargo Cult and Lean

By Andrew Wagner: I stumbled across a piece Richard Feynman spoke some time ago about “Cargo Cult Science” and couldn’t help but extend the analogy to “Cargo Cult Lean”, or as Mark’s named it, “LAME: Lean as Mistakenly Executed.” First off, what is a cargo cult? From Feynman: read more

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Everyday Lean: Lean and Kleenex

Everyday Lean: Lean and Kleenex

By Andy Wagner: I know how much Mark dislikes headlines that rhyme with lean, but perhaps he’ll make an exception for this example of everyday lean: At a hotel this weekend, somewhere between my first and second Kleenex, I realized, just barely, that something had changed. It was so subtle that at first I thought […]

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John Boyd, Lean Fighter Pilot Part II

By: Andy Wagner Harry Hillaker–Father of the F-16 Toyota’s Value Innovation: The Art of Tension Mark has written before about “Everyday Lean“, those little examples of error-proofing or kanban or flow that we see in our day-to-day lives. In a similar vein, one of my enduring lean fascinations is all the places where lean thinking […]

John Boyd, Lean Fighter Pilot Part I

By: Andy Wagner The OODA Loop & You I love examples of lean thinking that come from unexpected angles. Mike Gardner at the TPM Log recently brought up one of my favorite figures from the world of folks who embody lean without knowing it, the late US Air Force Colonel John R. Boyd.Boyd is most […]

Southwest Airlines and the Flying Big Three

By: Andy Wagner Southwest. Way Southwest. – NY Times Jeff Bailey at the New York Times wrote a great article about Southwest Airlines and their legendary approach to the key lean principle of respect for people. After talking about Southwest’s propensity for cross-dressing CEOs and other ‘fun at work’, the author brings up a popular […]

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FAA and Airlines Improving Where It Counts

By Andy Wagner: Lean bloggers tend to be hard on the commercial airline industry. It’s not unjustified considering how they’ve treated their own employees and their customers in recent years, and the lack of profitability that goes with that poor treatment. I suspect some of the criticism is due to the fact that so many […]

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The Same Kind of Different Car Company

By Andy Wagner: A poignant story showed up in the Washington Post during the recent GM strike that hits at the heart of the principle of respect for people. It came from the Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Management, required to work during the strike, gave their friends, their union hourly workers, rides to […]

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Book Review: Boeing Versus Airbus

Book Review: Boeing Versus Airbus

Review by Andy Wagner: Name of the Book: Boeing Versus Airbus: The Inside Story of the Greatest International Competition in Business Author: John Newhouse Publication Date: 2007 Book Description: Boeing Versus Airbus is not exactly a lean book, but it focuses on two manufacturers that are frequently at the center of discussions here at the […]

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