Lean DFW – Dallas & Fort Worth

Here is the  link to our “Lean DFW” LinkedIn Group. Please join us.

We are an informal, volunteer networking group for “lean” professionals in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. If you work with the lean methodology in manufacturing, services, software, or healthcare, you are welcome to participate with us.

Our vision is for this Lean DFW networking effort is to be an informal group, not a formal organization – strictly volunteer participation. We're not envisioning bylaws or anything formal, at all.Here are some things to think about – things we can discuss online or at the first meeting:

  • What would you hope to personally get out of a local lean networking group?
  • What frequency and level of involvement would be best for you?
  • What are some specific activities would you recommend or suggest?
  • How many others do you know who would want to participate?
  • Are there any other lean related groups in the DFW area that we should be aware of?
  • Are there specific things our group should not do or not be?
  • How can/should we interact with similar groups in Austin and Houston?

For more info, visit our LinkedIn Group or contact Mark Graban.


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