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If you've listened to my Podcast, you might have heard a listener question or two. These come in via what I call the “Lean Line,” a phone number I have to my Skype internet calling account. The Lean Line # is 817-776-LEAN (or 817-776-5326). You can dial this number with any regular phone, or via your own Skype account (my ID is simply “mgraban”).

Feel free to call that line (chances are, it will go right to voice mail) if you have a question about Lean that you'd like covered in a Podcast or in a short snippet here on the Lean Blog. You can also ask questions for past and future guests, as listed on the Podcast page. Most of my guests have agreed to come back if there are follow up questions. Or, if you want my opinion on something, send me a question and I might take a stab at answering. Remember, the answer is only guaranteed to be worth what you paid for it — nothing. :-)

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