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This might be a mistake that I'm making. I hope it's not a mistake. It's an experiment.

While there is a financial component to writing and publishing a book, I think every author ultimately wants their book to be read. Better yet, put to use.

My book Measures of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More was a labor of love. I didn't do market research. I didn't see this huge market I was going to tap into. I wrote it because I had something to share. And, writing the book deepened my knowledge about “process behavior charts.”

When I first published the Kindle book, that was an experiment. I wasn't sure if anybody would buy it. But people did. They said the book was indeed useful, as people adopted process behavior charts in their organization.

Then, came the requests for a paperback version. Demand was there, so I made the investment in bringing the paperback version to market.

The book keeps selling at a steady pace. It's not setting the world on fire. That's OK. I knew this wouldn't be a NYT best seller.

What matters more than the book sales are the emails and the Zoom meetings where people are sharing how they're using the book.

The book isn't expensive normally ($5.99) but I don't want the price to get in the way.

So, today (and today only) the Kindle book is FREE on

I've done free days for other books, including Practicing Lean and A Playbook for Habitual Excellence. It seems that the free days also apply to Amazon sites in other countries.

I hope you'll take advantage of this special offer. If you'd like to pay, wait until tomorrow :-)

Or you can buy the paperback.

 Or the hardcover.

So what's my hypothesis? Why do this?

My hope is that more people will get the book and they'll read it. I figure some will post positive reviews. I expect that some will put the book into use in their workplace… and that might lead to coaching, training, or speaking opportunities.

I could be undercutting future sales… but I'm hoping sales will go up. We'll see…

It's probably a “vanity metric” but hooray!

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  1. Mark Graban says

    Gave away 500+ books yesterday… I still trust my hypothesis that this will be a good thing.

  2. Jigisha says

    This new link came to me today…hence missed it.
    Best of luck !! Spread the knowledge !!!

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