Free Kindle Day — Our Anthology Book “Practicing Lean”


Update: This offer has expired.

All day long, today, Tuesday January 21, the Kindle version of the book Practicing Lean will be available FOR FREE through Amazon. This is just for one day only.

That's right — FREE. You read that right.

This is not a contest where one of you gets a free Kindle version. ALL of you can get the free Kindle book (if you have an Amazon account and live in a country with an Amazon Kindle Store).

The free offer applies to all Amazon Kindle stores around the world, but the timing for the “day” is 12 midnight Pacific Standard Time… for 24 hours after that. Convert to your time zone.

Click here to get the FREE Kindle book (Tuesday the 21st Pacific Time)

Of course, if you enjoy the free version of our book, I'd encourage you to make a donation to the Louise Batz Patient Safety Foundation. All proceeds from the sales of the book have been donated to them, a total of over $4300 so far.

Other Ways to Read the Kindle Version

After the 21st, the Kindle book will continue to be available for purchase ($4.99 in the US or the equivalent price worldwide).

I am also just a few days into a 90-day experiment where the eBook is exclusively available through Amazon. This means the book is currently not available through Leanpub, Apple Books, or Google Books.

If you are a subscriber to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited service, you can read Practicing Lean through Kindle Unlimited, I get paid as the publisher based on the number of pages read (instead of copies sold). And that amount will be donated to the Batz Foundation as all proceeds have been to date.

It's also available as a paperback, again, through Amazon.


628 people downloaded the book, with many countries being represented, as you can see here:

For context, there were only 30 purchases of the book (Kindle and Paperback) over the past 90 days. There were five purchases of the paperback yesterday.

The experiment succeeded in getting what I think is a really nice book in front of more people. What remains to be seen is if this helps boost sales going forward and if it leads to more donations for the Batz Foundation.

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  1. Justin Kenney says

    Thanks for making this available Mark. I posted about this to our Green Belt Network here in the State of Vermont and I know a few people downloaded it. I’m about halfway through it myself and appreciate the honesty of the individuals who contributed to the book. So many lessons to be learned by failures and mistakes. I wish we talked about those more.

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