Key Tweets from @MarkGraban – Week of August 31, 2015: Deming & Change


Key TweetsHere's the latest installment of “Key Tweets,” a post that summarizes some of my tweets (or retweets) from the week. Follow me @MarkGraban and join the fun and the conversation. See the previous installments of Key Tweets here.

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  1. Mark Edmondson says

    Your definition of Lean caught my eye: “Lean is a tool set, a management system, and a philosophy that can change the way hospitals are organized and managed.”

    I study Lean, think about Lean, practice Lean, and write about Lean. But I feel awkward when someone asks “What do you do?” or “What is Lean?” and sense a one sentence response is appropriate.

    My common response for the Lean question: Lean arguably the best approach we know about for improving how an organization delivers value to its customers.

    I figure if they’re interested in understanding what this means, they’ll start a conversation. Otherwise the conversation moves on. Still, I feel a bit academic sounding with this reply.

    So what is your favorite one sentence response?

    1. Mark Graban says

      It’s tough to summarize what we do or what Lean is, in a nutshell.

      When chatting with somebody at a reception or party, I usually define what I do in terms of goals: “I work with hospitals to improve quality and processes.”

      A longer version is “I work with hospitals to improve the quality of care and patient safety, reduce waiting times, reduce costs, and create better workplaces.”

      Lean, if they probe, is a means to those ends.

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