Dilbert Gets Called “Resistant to Change”


As I've blogged about before, I really dislike the term “resistance to change.” When managers label people as “resistant to change,” that's often a polite or passive aggressive way of saying “they won't do what I want them to do.” If people are “being resistant,” you have an obligation as a leader to ask “why?” Maybe your idea is terrible…

Yesterday's Dilbert starts with this panel:

dilbert resistance

Dilbert's response is priceless. Read the rest of the strip. And see links to Dilbert strips related to Lean and/or Six Sigma.

Please don't try to bully people into doing what you want, especially not in the name of “Lean.”

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And based on something I overheard today:

I had to chime in that “being a dingbat” is very rarely the root cause of a defect or a problem. Would somebody else likely become “a dingbat” in that same overburdened environment and bad process?

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