Valentine’s Day Thoughts & Past Posts


gemba candyIt's Valentine's Day. I'll be on a flight home from Boston later, hoping to see my wife at least a little bit on this day. Anyway, we never go out to dinner on Valentine's Day proper — our attempt to help “level load” the restaurants (and we get plenty of chances to go out otherwise).

Did you know you can create (and buy) customized NECCO “sweethearts” candies that include Lean phrases? I should plan better next year and get some of these made to take with me to conferences (a reminder is going on my calendar).

You can also order custom candies like this through

Here are a few previous Lean Blog posts that touch on topics of Love or Valentine's:

And there was a series of “Lean Love”  posts written by Mike Lopez in 2007:

I'm pretty sure that this Lean Startup-themed book is a joke, but who knows:


Then, there's Doctor Muda‘s recent tweet where he apparently misunderstands “employee engagement” and the purpose of operating room team members introducing themselves before a procedure:

Oh, and there was this funny Saturday Night Live commercial about the problems that result from thoughtless “just in time” gift buying.

I'm not suggesting any of you “value stream map” your romance or your love life or anything, but these are some thoughts for this special day, at least.

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