Upcoming Events: Denver, Chicago, Appleton, Quebec, Finland, & Orlando


I've got a number of upcoming events where I'll be speaking or attending. You're welcome attend, depending on where you live or the size of your travel budget. Pardon my batching, but I'm going to put them all in this one post. I hope to see you at one of these events. I'll also be volunteering at the AME Southwest Region Conference  here in San Antonio next month.

Denver – April 11 & 12

I am running a public registration workshop the afternoon of April 11 on “Healthcare Kaizen” – space is still available. I am also helping a friend by being on a Lean Healthcare panel the morning of April 12 at this CHSM event. The panel also includes Dr. David Munch (a podcast guest  of mine) and Dr. Arthur Gonzalez, the CEO of Denver Health. Register for my workshop (with a 15% discount)  or the CHSM event.

Chicago – April 29

I'm going to be the oddball Lean Healthcare speaker at the LKNA (Lean Kanban North America) conference  about Agile and Lean IT, etc. Speakers include my friend Stephen Parry (@leanvoices), Jim Benson (another podcast guest of mine), David Anderson, and others. Learn more and sign up for this multi-day conference.

Appleton – May 16-17

I'm doing another Lean Fundamentals for Healthcare Leaders class at the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value in Appleton, Wisconsin in May. It will be warm and (likely) not snowy by then. As part of the class, you get to attend the famous ThedaCare Rapid Improvement Event report out session.  Learn more and register.

Quebec – May 23

I'm going to be speaking at a Lean Healthcare event that's being held east of Montreal, in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Here is the site of the sponsoring organization (in French, or via Google Translate).  I will be doing a keynote on “How Lean Thinking Helps Healthcare Organizations” and I will also be doing an afternoon breakout session on Healthcare Kaizen. Here is a  One Pager  and the  Full Schedule  – both in French.  Learn more and register here.

Helsinki, Finland – May 30

I'll be going to Finland for the first time, to give the keynote talk at a Lean Healthcare conference to be held at  Aalto University in Helsinki. When I asked the organizer about some of the pressing healthcare issues in Finland, it all sounds very familiar, including waiting times for patients, staff that are always overloaded and in a hurry, shortages of nurses and doctors, rising costs, quality problems…    More information.

Orlando – June 5-6

I will be attending the 4th annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit in Orlando. I'll be moderating the CEO panel… participants to be announced later. As a bit of “Kaizen” for the panel format, we're going to have a more focused topic for audience questions this year instead of having questions that were across a very broad set of topics… customer feedback put into action. So we'll have a deeper discussion and Q&A on a more narrow topic. Learn more and register here.

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  1. Panu Kinnari says

    Welcome to Finland! Hopefully there are also sceptics in the audience, they are plentyful. And not just those who are already doing and thinking.

    1. Mark Graban says

      I also hope there is some Lean Doing and not just Lean Thinking in Finland. I’m hoping to be able to visit a hospital the day before the conference. Healthy skepticism about Lean is a good thing (as opposed to blind acceptance). Might be somewhat self-selecting as an audience, in terms of people already having interest in Lean… I hope to add value, either way!

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