At the Northeast Shingo Prize; New Podcast & Review of Healthcare Kaizen


Even with American Airlines' problems, I made it to Worcester, MA without any trouble, where I'm speaking this afternoon at the 2012 Northeast Shingo Prize annual conference  about “putting the continuous back into continuous improvement.” I've already run into Chet Marchwinski from LEI and fellow author  Gwendolyn Galsworth. I'll do a blog post later Tuesday about some of the speakers and people I talk to (including Jane Bulnes-Fowles from LEI and guest blogger Christina Kach)

Here are two new links related to my book  Healthcare Kaizen:

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  1. Justin Morley says

    Thought you may want to watch this tonight if you have some extra time.

    1. Mark Graban says

      Thanks, Justin. I don’t have extra time right now… but thanks for posting the link. Did you watch the show? Comments?

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