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sensitive noise / obvious 2Do you have questions about Lean leadership or Lean healthcare? I'm going to do a special Podcast (or series of them) featuring your questions and answers from myself and/or my previous podcast guests.

If you have a question, you can post it as a comment on this post. Or, you can contact me via this web form. Let me know what personal information (name, role, org) that I can or can't share, or if I should treat it as an anonymous question.

Better yet, call and leave your question as a voice mail at 817-776-LEAN (or Skype ID ‘mgraban'). If you leave a voice mail, you are granting permission to use audio of your question in the podcast(s).

If your question is for a specific past guest, I will work to get an answer. Or, I might bounce general questions off of frequent guests like Bob Emiliani, Norman Bodek, Jamie Flinchbaugh, or others.

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  1. Chuck Hoffman says

    My question: If we have developed a Lean process, but people aren’t following it, what can we do to get participation/compliance?

    1. Mark Graban says

      Going to address that question soon in a podcast…

  2. Niels Wullems says


    I would love a podcast with a “Let’s blow up the plant” theme.
    It was a topic in podcast #95 with Norman Bodek. . So I would really love to hear you philosophize about the “blow up” suggestion.


  3. Dwain Scott says

    I have more of a question for everyone.
    How are you using lean to help your community?
    Local government, Non-profits, Hospitals, or any other organization in your community.

    For your guest.
    How have you utilized Lean in your everyday life?

    What recommendations do you have for those just starting on there lean journey?

    On your lean journey what have been your biggest hurdles?

    I have plenty more but will leave it at that for now.

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