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Reminder: Free Webinar on “Training Within Industry” for Healthcare – Nov 2


You might remember from back in March, when I co-presented at the Society for Health Systems conference about the use of the “Training Within Industry” methodology in healthcare.

Dr. Peter Patterson and I are updating our talk for a FREE webinar that will be offered November 2nd, click here for details.

My part of the presentation is the same as before (the history and background of TWI in healthcare), but Dr. Patterson has updated data on the laboratory's quality performance and other key indicators since March.

I'm a strong supporter of SHS and their upcoming annual conference in early 2011, hope to see you there.

And I hope you'll join us at 2 PM eastern on Tuesday November 2 for our free webinar.

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From the description of the webinar:

The   defect rate in a hospital order entry process fell 70% the first month after initiating a comprehensive employee training based on Training Within Industry (TWI), a program created during World War II that is being rediscovered by modern hospitals. This presentation tells the complete stroy and illustrates how to engage employees in improvement of work methods.

Come hear how in the webinar.

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  1. Mark Graban says

    I will post a link here when the webinar is archived…

    One of my favorite moments was hearing Dr. Pete describe how some organizations get really sidetracked by trying to be like Toyota, when instead they should be focusing on being a better histopathology lab or on being a better hospital (by learning from Toyota and by using lean methods and principles).

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