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My Tweets – Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11


This is an experiment in archiving my Tweets and links each week. TwitterTools does an automatic weekly post, I'll schedule it for each Sunday. Even if you're not a Twitter user, you might find links to articles that I'm going to blog about or stuff I won't dedicate time to here on the LeanBlog. Feedback welcome. For example, should I try to filter this out of the chronological blog page? I know this won't be of interest to everyone, but at least it allows me to archive my links that I've sent out.

  • Kodak Zi8 video camera takes nice 1080p images, but why does it have to feel like flimsy plastic toy? #
  • From Bob Sutton's blog: #NUMMI Story on This American Life #lean #
  • “Between '80 & '05, virtually all net new jobs created in the U.S. were created by firms that were 5 yrs old or less,” – #

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  • Thomas L. Friedman in NY Times “Good-paying jobs don't come from bailouts. They come from start-ups.” – #
  • @ericries Roundabout mention of Startup Visa proposal in NY Times today: Start-Ups, Not Bailouts – – #
  • @ronhekier The Made-in-China iPhone and iPad are so solidly built… more a choice of the company designing/selling it? in reply to ronhekier #
  • @bryanlvt Except for the chosen few “green jobs” startups getting handouts… Govt't picking winners or the market? in reply to bryanlvt #
  • Interesting ERP marketing ploy, big-budget (?) web-comedy about how ERP companies are shysters – #
  • @ePatientDave Would love to go to a Sox game w/ u sometime. I laughed at the Herb Brooks kid on TV, then thought “inappropriate?” in reply to ePatientDave #
  • Or hospitals! 3M & Google eng got 20% time 2 innovate in freedom (@DanielPink Drive) 2% would B revltnary 4 most mfg teams /via @leanstekel #
  • Undercover Boss effect?? Need more than superficial “gemba” time – CEOs Find Recovery Allows Time With Staff – WSJ – #
  • @shawnevandeusen It's rare that people view fixing the underlying system as “the real solution” eh? in reply to shawnevandeusen #
  • RT: @aliraza1 Toyota Using Waterfall?: Lean software development has been inspired by lean manufacturing… #
  • Today's Post: Exceptional Efforts in Imperfect Circumstances – Celebrated or Lamented? #lean #
  • Question posed to me from healthcare person: What, exactly, qualifies one to be called a “Sensei?” No standard definition. #lean #
  • Just received my first email from someone that said “Sent from my iPad” at the bottom #
  • @duanelong Except for real firefighting professionals, of course! in reply to duanelong #
  • @duanelong I didn't mean to imply you meant otherwise. The whole “firefighting” workplace analogy is problematic… in reply to duanelong #
  • How many individuals are buying Google ads to get noticed / hired? From my blog's mobile site #
  • Great post from @superfactory: MBWA is Not a Gemba Walk, “A real leader isn't scared of his operations” – #
  • Their hospital was late to game too RT: @PDarrall @riaansnyders why we R surprised Toyota is waterfall, revolutionised mfg not software dev #
  • 1 pm Wednesday, I'm doing a free webinar for the Michigan Lean Consortium #lean leadership and #gemba #
  • Brand new site: NUMMI Talent – A site for connecting with and hiring former #NUMMI employees – #lean #toyota #
  • Frittering or twittering?? From @flinchbaugh Frittering the time away — #
  • Printing out my checklist to prep for releasing new podcast with @leanVSL tomorrow (Jim Baran), should be out tomorrow #
  • My book is now available on #Kindle #Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Satisfaction #
  • My book cover on Kindle, fun to see! Can download sample to Kindle, PC, Mac, etc. #
  • Podcast #88 features @leanVSL, talking about #lean talent management and corporate social media #
  • Review by @gembapantarei “The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande” – #
  • @flinchbaugh goddady is host. Podcast is already out on iTunes and RSS for those who get them that way. in reply to flinchbaugh #
  • Opthamology tech had to leave rm to get eyedrops that should have been in rm. Gone 5 min. Hunt and gather. Not #lean #
  • @flinchbaugh @leanvsl is back up and running (knock on wood) in reply to flinchbaugh #
  • My book is now available on #Kindle #Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Satisfaction #
  • He is lean man! RT: @timwoodman The 7 types of waste as identified by Lean manufacturing form an acronym similar to my name TIM WOOD #
  • I believe the candidate for this lean healthcare job does not exist in nature – Job: ASQ Healthcare Division | LinkedIn – #
  • About to do webinar for @MichiganLean (Michigan Lean Consortium) – my home state! – on frontline #lean leadership (#gemba) #
  • @jeromytimmer Thanks for tuning in. I tried to demonstrate, if anything, that I know Michigan is more than a mitten :-) in reply to jeromytimmer #
  • – @jeromytimmer I love the “idea board” concept, as shown here. Way better than a box. #
  • On deck for the next @MichiganLean webinar is Jamie —> @flinchbaugh #
  • And @ericries on 4/28 RT @leanthinking Free #Lean webinar tomorrow from LEI on why lean efforts fall short #
  • Lean aggregators from @MichaelMarx @flinchbaugh and @superfactory mentioned in this post: #lean #
  • Received another email from an #iPad user. My new email signature is “Sent from my electromechanical keyboard.” #
  • UGH “Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy, said “violations are unfortunately a normal part of the mining process.” – #
  • Oops — “They're saying, ‘Where do we get the free Obama care, and how do I sign up for that” – #
  • Toyota was hiding pedal problems? Oh no. – /via @MickiMaynard #
  • At VIBCO where Karl Wadensten is hosting a healthcare group again today, sharing #lean #
  • Heard some unsolicited praise for @flinchbaugh‘s book “Hitchhikers's Guide to Lean today,” #
  • Writing tomorrow's blog post about use of kanban at the LEI office, referencing this old post about home kanban #lean #
  • @leanstekel Thanks for the tweets re your time in a hospital lab. All sounds very familiar from US and UK labs. Interruptions = poor flow in reply to leanstekel #
  • @leanstekel “We need more people!!” often goes away when hospital labs reduce waste, as u know. #lean See 20-30% productivity gain. in reply to leanstekel #
  • Boo to HP for this USA Today ad that people have dropped all over Logan. “How the lean get mean”??? WTH? #
  • Join me at LEI in Cambridge for “Key Concepts of #Lean in Healthcare” April 19 & 20. For a video & more info #
  • @vibco_vibrators Enjoyed visit to the factory to see #lean culture. Loved hearing employees talk about how they enjoy improvement work. in reply to vibco_vibrators #
  • Great comments on today's post: How a Simple Office #Kanban System Works #lean – not the software kanban #
  • “in the absence of process, bullies and dictators tend to rise to the top [of an organization].” Pascal Dennis. #lean #
  • Lessons from “Lean Startups” – a free webinar w/@ericries – April 28 2 pm EDT from the #Lean Enterprise Institute #
  • Lessons from #LeanStartups – a free webinar w @ericries, from #Lean Enterprise Institute April 28 2 pm EDT signup at #
  • Alfie Kohn? RT: @Anchordoc Listened to one of Mark Graban's older Podcasts -Ding quote: Performance review is batch processing of people! #
  • RT: @IndustrialGirl1 Toyota Production System: Transforming Healthcare Organizations for the 21st Century: #lean #
  • @goehmler Check out for some stories about real #lean healthcare excellence. They are out there. #
  • Just saw this on Amazon: #'Lean Thinking Pocket Cards' by Lean Learning Solutions Inc. for $18.95 #
  • Why does my new HP laptop have a phone modem jack? At least there is no parallel port. #
  • Joiner's book is one of my favorites: RT @tribabbitt The Four Generations of Management #
  • Join us for Lessons from #Lean Startups – A free webinar from LEI on 4/28 @ 2:00 PM EDT – Register /via @leandotorg #
  • Simple Visual control to keep track of your beer at party /via @TimALeanJourney – nice find #
  • Heard great radio news story re: how employees are MORE loyal when you invest in their career. Most companies fear they will leave – wrong. #
  • Same radio story (still trying to find online) called “respect” a key principle in maintaining employee loyalty in an upward economy. #
  • Ad on ESPN should really say “Hi, I'm Dan Hesse and I'm totally gray and boring like the backdrop of this ad.” This sells phones? #
  • Second edition of great book is out: ‘Creating a #Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions.' by David Mann #
  • Young MDs “spend as much time writing, typing or dictating about their patients as they do seeing them.” – via #
  • RE: @13025112 Henry Ford wrote similar things about nurses in a hospital he owned, back in 1920 — the nurses spent MO… #
  • RT @LeanBuilder @LeanBlog Thanks for turning me on to @danielpink‘s book “Drive.” About 30% through it. OS 3.0 & #Lean go together well. #

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Mark Graban is an internationally-recognized consultant, author, and speaker who has worked in healthcare, manufacturing, and startups. He is author of the Shingo Award-winning books Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen, as well as The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen. His most recent book is an anthology titled Practicing Lean that benefits the Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation, where Mark is a board member. Mark is also the VP of Improvement & Innovation Services for the technology company KaiNexus.

  1. Mary Schlosser says

    Mark – I can’t say I’m finding a whole lot of “value” in this but perhaps others will. -m

  2. Mark Graban says

    I’m going to scrap this weekly post. The value is marginal and the plug-in that made it happen really broke my blog. More about that in my post on Monday.

  3. […] plug in was supposed to generated a weekly blog post that summarized my tweets for the week. I thought this might be helpful (be “value”?) […]

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