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IndustryWeek : Activision Inc.: Customer Service, Battle Of Bull Run To Boost Bottom Line

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I'm going to start calling the IndustryWeek Top 50 Manufacturing Companies list the Industry”Week” Top 50 “Manufacturing” Companies list.

IndustryWeek is a monthly publication, go figure. That's just funny to me.

What's less funny is that Activision, a designer and publisher of videogames, makes their list of top “manufacturing” companies. Lots of software companies on their list. Also lots of oil companies. Strange.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Hello Lean Thinkers,
    As your last word mentions “Strange”
    Most of the companies on the top 50 manufactures listed are not what I would call manufacturers. What do they make (themselves). Over half of them don’t actual produce an article.
    Best Regards

  2. Anonymous says

    That’s because they are advertisers and sponsors of Manufacturing “weak” events and programs. So, as such they are “manufacturing” the “weak” magazine and web presence. LOL.

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