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Ships Passing in the Night – China Builds U.S. Factories

Ships Passing in the Night – China Builds U.S. Factories

In an era where it was a “no brainer” to move factories to China, chasing cheap labor, the Lean world has often spoken out loudly against this. Back in the day, people said “Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM,” in this era you might say “No CEO ever got fired for moving factories to […]

LeanBlog Podcast #84 – Karl Wadensten, VIBCO and The Lean Nation

LeanBlog Podcast #84 – Karl Wadensten, VIBCO and The Lean Nation

Episode 84 is audio from Video Podcast #10 (available on iTunes, YouTube, or leanvideopocast.org). This is a conversation with Karl Wadensten, President of VIBCO, a manufacturer in Wyoming, R.I. Here, we talk about his radio show, “The Lean Nation,” which airs on AM 790 in Rhode Island and streams live on the web everyday weekday […]

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LeanBlog Video Podcast #10 – Karl Wadensten of VIBCO and The Lean Nation

Episode #10 is a conversation with Karl Wadensten, President of VIBCO, a manufacturer in Wyoming, R.I. Here, we talk about his radio show, “The Lean Nation,” which (formerly aired) on AM 790 in Rhode Island. This is the same discussion as the audio LeanBlog Podcast episode #84. For more info about Karl and VIBCO, visit that […]

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LeanBlog Podcast #83 – Jim D’Addario, CEO of D’Addario

LeanBlog Podcast #83 – Jim D’Addario, CEO of D’Addario

Podcast #83 is an in-depth conversation with Jim D’Addario, the CEO of D’Addario, Inc., a manufacturer of guitar strings, drum heads, and other musical accessories. Jim and his family company were featured on CNN late last year, highlighting how lean manufacturing has helped save and create jobs as part of their business strategy. Jim agreed […]

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U.S. Companies Competing with China Using Lean

U.S. industry going lean to compete with China | Reuters Yesterday, I recorded a podcast with Jim D’Addario, CEO of the namesake multi-generational family company that was featured recently on CNN. I’ll release that podcast in a few weeks. We had a great conversation that went into more detail about how his company uses Lean […]

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Lean as a Way to Save Manufacturing Featured on CNN

Hat tip to blog reader Steven H. for sending this video my way. It’s always nice to see Lean featured in the mainstream media, including CNN. Click here for the video at cnn.com. The story says that the company, a guitar string maker called D’Addario in Long Island, has: Cut inventory Streamlined the factory floor […]

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LeanBlog Podcast #79 – Eve Yen, CEO of Diamond Wipes

LeanBlog Podcast #79 – Eve Yen, CEO of Diamond Wipes

Eve Yen, founder and CEO of Diamond Wipes, is our guest for episode #79 of the podcast. In this podcast, Eve discusses her company and how manufacturing in the United States provides a strong competitive advantage. While not explicitly “Lean,” Eve articulates a value proposition that any Lean Thinker would recognize: manufacturing close to the […]

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A "Lean Gamble"???

A "Lean Gamble"???

Lean gamble has paid off for United Southern Industries I hate to criticize anyone who’s being really successful with Lean. The worst thing I can say about United Southern is to ask, “What made you think Lean was such a gamble and such a risk?” The company was really struggling, before Lean: Custom injection molder […]

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Lean at Ariens – Cost *and* Value

Ariens Co. clears a path for 75 years | Appleton Post-Crescent Considering Ariens was an inspiration for one of the leading Lean hospitals (ThedaCare), that’s a huge contribution to the Lean world (and society, in general). This article doesn’t go into great detail on their Lean efforts, but there are a few quotes worth talking […]

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Lazy Headline Writing, Yet Again

Leaner and meaner – the way forward? Ah, the old easy “leaner and meaner” cliche’. Such an easy fallback for editors who aren’t feeling very creative. We know here that real Lean isn’t mean, at all. Lean respects the employees, suppliers, customers — all stakeholders. But “lean and mean” rhymes…. and I hate it every […]

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A Lean Story from the UK

Springs maker saves £50,000 by going lean – Crain’s Manchester Business Here’s a Lean story from the U.K… A Rochdale-based maker of springs for military, aerospace and automotive customers, has saved £50,000 and improved productivity thanks to lean manufacturing techniques.United Springs said it has reduced lead time on a key product line by 15 days […]

Ultimate Factories — Fire Trucks

I was watching a show (via Tivo, back over the weekend) that I just discovered on the National Geographic Channel — Ultimate Factories, their episode on fire truck manufacturing at Pierce Manufacturing. It’s a cool show for HD also. I think the “Ultimate” in the title tends to refer to the size of the products, […]

TWI at Energizer Battery

IndustryWeek : Introducing Training Within Industry Our friend Bryan Lund is featured in this interview with IndustryWeek (click here to subscribe) about the Training Within Industry Program. I love the focus on developing people: IW: What do you hope to gain from implementing TWI? Lund: Confident, problem solving people. IW: Would you consider this a […]

Using Lean to Expand Capacity… Who Loses?

CJOnline / The Topeka Capital-Journal – Topeka Hallmark to absorb work Is there a Hallmark card that says, “Sorry you lost your job?” They do, sort of. When companies use Lean, it’s not uncommon to find extra capacity through efficiency and uptime improvements. That’s good for the growth and long-term future of the facility. That’s […]

Google-Funded eSolar project shows signs of Lean Thinking

By Jason Turgeon: Google made headlines last year when it announced it that it was going to devote a significant chunk of cash to developing renewable energy that was cheaper than coal (the RE eSolar, a small startup that appears to be applying Lean principles to the thorny problem of how to bring the high […]

Another Wisconsin Lean Story

Appleton Post-Crescent: Little Chute company sees a sharp future Here’s another story about a small company in Wisconsin — they’re using Lean to get more competitive. Valley Grinding & Manufacturing (nicknamed “VG”) makes equipment that’s used to sharpen blades and grinders. Wisconsin seems to have a real concentration of Lean stories, both in factories and […]

Michigan Could Have Had a "Lean" Governor?

TOM WALSH: DeVos’ answer for manufacturing in Michigan: Flexibility, teamwork Here is an article about the Republican who lost the Michigan governor’s race last year, Dick DeVos. Considering all of the problems in the state’s economy, it might have been interesting to have a manufacturing company CEO as governor of my home state. From the […]

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Also Working on "Respect for People?"

Also Working on "Respect for People?"

Article Link: Lifting specialists set to lose weight I’m always a bit skeptical when I hear about Lean being a “project.” Sure, a project can be a starting point, but as the first step to transitioning to a Lean management system. Projects tend to degrade into former projects and former Lean methods. “The second project […]

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